Panda Express Fundraisers

On March 17th, we are having ANOTHER fundraiser through Panda Express! If you place an order online on March 17th, use code 913071 in the fundraiser code box to help out our club! Don't forget to spread the word to your relative across the nation! Again, this fundraiser is nationwide and 28% of sales will go towards the Energy and Sustainability Club's activities!

UPDATE: We raised $80 for our club through this fundraiser! Thanks everyone for your support!

On February 10th, we had a fundraiser through Panda Express! On February 10th, if you place an order, use the code 913071 in the fundraiser code box when ordering online for Panda Express. Also, spread to word to your family and friends across the country! This applies nationwide, so your friends and family can also participate! 28% on sales will be given to our club! Order online at!

UPDATE: We earned $161.73 from our fundraiser! Many thanks to all the people who participated in our fundraiser!